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How to Define Your Target Audience & Build A Marketing Strategy

  • Marlow United Kingdom (map)

This workshop will help define clearly your target audience and build a marketing strategy.

Discover how to engage and convert prospects to customers!


Define Your Target Audience & Build A Marketing Strategy: Overview

If you are going to reach people that are actually your target customer you need to first define who they are. Once you know this you can design effective marketing strategies to reach them and convince them to buy from you.

In order to define your target customer it’s crucial to develop profiles of your customers called user/buyer personas. In this session, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about personas, what they look like, why they are important and how to create your own.

For successful Marketing, content is king but for many brands, it’s a challenge to understand what content they should share, in what format and for what purpose. For smaller brands with limited budgets, there is the added struggle of finding the time and resources to devote to their content strategy.

So In this session, I'll teach you the best practice for content marketing, how to craft the right content strategy for your brand and your defined target audience. It will focus on affordable ideas for manageable content strategies.

We’ll also be getting practical and you’ll work on creating a persona for one of your customers from scratch. You will also come out of this session with some content strategy ideas and will receive a template for working on a content strategy going forward. 

What Attendees Say:

‘Understanding your target audience is key to growing your business, and networking. I have attended this course on a previous occasion. Jo Tribe takes you through the subject brilliantly. I learned a lot that day!

Lindsay McLoughlin, Regional Director, The Athena Network

Jocasta Tribe, Presenter Biography: 

Jocasta is Founder of ‘Marketing for Mums’ she is a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing & most recently the Digital Mums Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Management. She is also one of only a few Certified Digital Mums Social Media Trainers. During her 20 year marketing career, she has worked for a range of businesses from large corporate technology companies to small charities & start-ups.