We are mums providing marketing services to mums in business who, like us are navigating the work/family/life juggle.

Are you looking to launch your startup or grow your business but feel overwhelmed by your 'to do' list? We want to help you build a profitable business for you and your family by enabling you to focus on what you do best, enjoy the most and spend time with the people you love.

So if you're a mum in business on a mission, why not get in touch? We would love to chat. 


We work with you to develop a strategy & plan to deliver your business goals and the best returns for the budget.

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I had a one hour consultation call with Jo. We discussed my business and my areas of strength and weakness in terms of Digital Marketing. Jo really helped to pinpoint the areas I needed to work on and gave me some top tips on how to achieve it. Jo’s help was such an important part of moving my brand forward and creating my marketing strategy.
— Sarah Mackenzie, Founder, Twenty Five VA
Jo has joined me a few times now on MarlowFM to talk about her Marketing business and marketing experience working within various industry sectors. She is highly knowledgeable, insightful and has a wealth of skills and expertise to help with start-ups or re-ignite your marketing messaging. What sets Jo aside is her unique personal brand - you’ll be in the best trusted hands to achieve results.
— Melissa Gale, Radio Host, Marlow FM

About Us

Meet Jocasta Tribe, our Founder, find out about our story, approach & experience. 

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Jo created our Social Media Strategy & campaign seemingly effortlessly, at one point even reporting back on two of our web properties because they impacted on each other and she felt they shouldn’t be viewed in isolation: twice the work, when she only needed to focus on the one! I highly recommend her.
— Adele Sweeney, Founder, Crafting4Good CIC
I recently attended one of Jocasta’s workshops on social media. I have attended others on this issue before but Jocasta’s was definitely the best. She has a depth of knowledge and is able to present it in a very clear “to the point” manner that makes it very easy to understand and to apply what you have learned. I wholeheartedly recommend Jocasta for her professional knowledge and her ability to communicate what truly matters.
— Gloria Prest, Founder, Mind In Focus


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